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Bad breath is mostly the result of not consistently practicing good oral health care. Other times, it’s caused by eating food that have chemicals that aren’t removed from your mouth by brushing, like garlic and onions. They have chemicals that go into your bloodstream after you eat them, after which they go into your lungs where you breath them out, giving you a bad breath. In this case, it’s just best to avoid eating them altogether.

In the case of not consistently practicing good oral health care, one should brush and floss more often as well as use mouthwash as these can reach areas in your mouth that toothbrushes usually have a hard time reaching. This will control and reduce the growth of bacteria in your mouth, especially in places where plaque and tartar are building up. The bacteria in plaque and tartar eat through the food debris in your mouth, which will give you bad breath, as well as tooth decay and possibly gingivitis and other periodontal disease.

Dental cleaning sessions can also help take the tartar and plaque out of your mouth and spot other possible dental problems that may arise. Make sure to schedule an appointment with us as prescribed by our dental professionals.

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